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Thrilling Motorsport Gaming

Racingboyz is a next-level fantasy motorsport GameFi where you collect ownable tokenized race cars and digital driver cards to win cash and epic prizes.

Introducing Racingboyz

Experience Fantasy motorsport with real-world assets

Build and manage your own racing team and earn money like a pro. Own, bet and trade real race car shares, drive them during events alongside your driver cards and master the track!

official drivers

Collect digital drivers cards
Meet the best drivers
Get access to their strategies
Choose the next race cars
Live the on-race experience

real car brands

Collect race cars cards
Scarcity with property titles
Double values
Yield generating
Infinite features


United Kingdom

Real ownershipracesrewardsdriving

1. Collect digital cards

Build your racing team

Create your ultimate fantasy paddock by scouting and collecting racer cards and real tokenized race cars. Define your starting racing team and take part in free competitions to win prizes based on the actual performance of your racers. The skill-based Racingboyz game rewards your racing knowledge and strategy.

RWA Genesis Wheelz Cards

2. RWA Yield-generation

Own your tokenized real race cars

Top worldwide racing teams share their tokenized race cars engaged in the Racing World Championship. Compete against other players, earn rewards and royalties in a unique and immersive experience.

πŸ… Earn up to 15% APY

πŸ€‘ Game, RWA & Liquid staking

3. Free-to-Play

Authentic gameplay

Choose the best setup of drivers whose skills seem most suitable for the types of circuits and announced conditions. You will then tune the car to their hands based on the constraints and race conditions while trying to anticipate the unforeseeable elements that will be announced in the tournament briefing.

🏁 6+ racing championships

Bet on real races with your cards

Collect Driver and Wheelz cards and bet ahead of real races on the outcomes of the drivers you hold.
Racingboyz Race drivers cards

πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’» You are the team manager

4. Use your scouting skills

Improve your racing setup

Buy, sell and trade drivers and race cars cards in the Racingboyz marketplace. Enhance your paddock by adding top-level cards for immediate team-building, or next-generation rookies and long-term performance.

5. Climb the podium

Win cash & epic prizes

Compete for prizes such as tokens, digital cards, race tickets, equipment, clothing and access to VIP experiences. Winners of top competitions receive unique rewards and cash tournaments allocations.

πŸ† Unlock crazy real experiences

Earn real rewards

Here are some examples of real rewards that Racingboyz team managers can earn:
Win real supercar property shares

Win real supercar property shares

All-inclusive race weekends

All-inclusive race weekends

Unlock driving experiences

Unlock driving experiences

Goods and merchandising

And a lot
of merch…

From gamer to racer

Compete against each other for a once-in-a-lifetime chance to become a real-life professional race car driver.

Avvatar Gamefi Features

Real-world assets

Real tokenized race cars with yield generating


Dynamic Data Wallet

Bonus points will be rewarded to team managers

Staking Pools

Entrust game tokens & earn up to 15% yield

Open Finance

Decentralized financial
services for Gamers

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